Sri Yudawati Cahyarini

Coral Paleoclimate/Paleoceanography 
Ketua Kelompok Penelitian iklim dan lingkungan purba,


2017-2019. National Geographic Explorer GRANT No CP-087R-17, entitled “Reconstructing past maritime tropical climate variability using Indonesian fossil corals and it responses to Paleobiodiversity.

2016-2018 Humbold scholarship for experience researcher, project tittle “Reconstructing past maritime tropical climate variability using Indonesian fossil corals: orbital forcing, volcanic eruptions and internal climate variability“ Grant No. 3.5 – IDN – 1158893 – GF-E

2015 Inhouse research “Paleoclimate/paleoceanography study of Seribu islands” R.C. for Geotechnology LIPI

2015 DAAD Research fellowship at Geomar and RWTH Aachen, project entitled “Diagenesis analysis on fossil coral and its implication on Sr/Ca and d18O content in coral skeleton: Fossil corals from Indonesia region” (Reference No 91563758)

2014 (January): Visiting Research Fellow at the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology Centre (SMART Centre) with the Interdisciplinary Research Group (IRG): CENSAM

2013-2016: Partnership for Enhance Engagement in Research (PEER) SCIENCE, research grant cycle 2 – USAID-NSF program. Grant no. P-2409, entitled Tree isotope records of past rainfall variability in the Indonesian maritime region.

2012-2014: National Priority 9 research grant, LIPI, no. 3407.001.14 entitled Rekonstruksi Variasi Iklim Sampai ~5000 Tahun  Lampau Dengan Menggunakan Arsip Iklim Sedimen Dan Koral

2012: Mary Sears awards at Woodsholes Oceanographic Institute (WHOI), USA. Project titled: Coral growth analysis using computed tomography

2010-2013: FCT-Fundação para a Ciência e a Technologia research member in the project reference PTDC/AAC-AMB/115304/2009, entittled The impact of Human Settlements on Coral Reef ecosystem, project leader Dr. Daniel F.R. Cleary-University de Santiago,Aveiro Portugal. Research grant to SYC is for task 3.2.3 i.e. coral sampling and analysis.

2011-2012: Indonesian Ministry Research and Education –German-Federal Ministry Research & Education -Bundesministirium Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) Joint Mobility Program Research Fellowship entitled “Reconstruction of paleoclimate and environmental change using natural terrestrial (lake sediment) and marine archive (corals) from Indonesia”, Grant No. SK 01/D-JIPT/KD/I/2011

2010: Field work grant for sediment lake coring and coral survey for joint research project with Koeln University entitled “Reconstructing paleoclimatic/paleoenvironmental evolution, volcanic ash dispersal, and earthquake activity in the Western Tropical Pacific using terrestrial and marine records from Indonesia”

2010: Research grant of Incentif Research and Engineering, Ministry of Research and Technology Indonesia entitled ” Study of Sea Surface Temperature- ENSO/IOD related variation based on coral geochemical proxy: records from Seribu islands, Indonesia”

2009: Awarded as South East Asia excellent Researcher mapping version SE-EU net (ASEAN and EU network)

2009/2010: International Foundation for Sciences Research Grant no IFS grant A/ 4605-1, project title “Coral morphology and geochemical  proxies as an archive for environmental changes”.

2009: Deutsche Akademische Austauch Dienst, Germany (DAAD) (Postdoctoral fellowship) entitled “Analysis of Sr/Ca record from 17th-18th centuries Porites corals from Western Sumatra, Indonesia”.

2009: Research grant of insentif Program LIPI 2009, entitled “Tropical Climate variability study based on Indonesian coral geochemical proxy records”

2007: Indonesian Toray Science Foundation research grant 2007, Project tittle: “The Indian Ocean role to the Indonesian regional climate paleo-perspective: preliminary result”

2007-2008: The Royal Netherlands Academic Arts and Sciences (KNAW) Mobility programs fellowship entitled “Geochemical monitoring of coral growth banding in Porites corals as a proxy of anthropogenic induced pollution and environmental modification: case study Kepulauan Seribu – Jakarta Bay, Indonesia. No. 07-MP-02”

2006-2007: Research grant of Competitive program Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) No: 11.03/SK/KPPI/ /2007

2006: Postdoctoral fellow SFB 460, Leibniz Institute fuer Meereswissenschaften IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel Germany

2002-2006:  Deutsche Akademische Austauch Dienst, Germany (Doctorate Scholarship)

2004: Research grant for Indonesia coral drilling project from Leibniz awards of Prof. Chr. Dullo

2000: Research School of Earth Sciences (RSES), ANU, Australia (Research Fellowship)

1998: Carl Duisberg Gesselschaft  (Ocean Protection Advance training Fellowship at Hamburg University Germany) (Research Fellowship)